These adorable little necklaces are the perfect party craft for a sweet-themed party or an ice cream social!  Using simple and easy to find materials you can create these wearable, cherry-topped cool treats! 



Party et Cie - Ice Cream Necklace Materials

* Kraft of light brown colored paper or cardstock, cut into triangles

* Large red seed beads (purchased from a local craft store)

* 3/4" pom poms (purchased from a local craft store)

* Chinese knotting cord in colors of your choice (purchased from this Etsy shop)

* Eye pins (purchased from a local craft store)

* Glue gun

* Glue dots

* Scissors

* Needle nose pliers

* Tassels (optional - we purchased ours from this Etsy shop)


Party et Cie - Ice Cream Necklaces Step 1 + 2

Take the long pointed end of one side of the triangle and roll it into itself, creating the tip and cone shape with the long side of the triangle.  Run glue dots along the remaining side.

Party et Cie - Step 3 + 4

Continue to roll the remaining side around the cone shape, and press to seal firmly.

Party et Cie - Step 5 + 6

Trim away the bottom to create a flat edge.  Take your eye pin and thread through a red bead (the cherry), and then the pom pom.  

Party et Cie - Step 5 + 6

At the base of the pompom, bend the wire to create a right angle, and trim the wire to about 1/8".  Secure the base with some hot glue from the glue gun.   


Party et Cie - Ice Cream Necklaces Step 9 + 10

At the inside top of the cone, run some glue around the edge, and then place the pom pom on top, pressing down lightly to secure.  String the ice cream onto the Chinese knotting cord, and add your tassel to the side, securing with a knot.  

Send your little guests home with double scoops of fun!


Party et Cie - Ice Cream Necklaces

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Ice Cream Necklaces

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