A Celestial Pegasus Party


As part of a push to get me out of the Covid anxiety hole, I decided to challenge myself to style 3 small backyard parties within the next few weeks or so before school starts in September.  This is in an attempt to distract my anxious thoughts and move my mindset toward a more fun, productive and positive place.  Parties are smaller these days, and thrown in intimate backyard settings, so I hope this series of parties inspires celebrations in your own backyard!  

I had been quite taken by Meri Meri's new Winged Unicorn Napkins for a while and decided I just HAD to do a party with them in mind.  And so the fate was sealed and a Pegasus theme became the first in my backyard party series.  I decided to call it a Pegasus Party because I don't think it's been done before (and I fully realize that a Pegasus is a winged horse sans unicorn horn), but I also just love the pretty alliteration of "Pegasus Party!"  The pinks, blushes, golds and cream colors in the napkin gave me magical, iridescent, celestial vibes, so I decided to take that on as the inspiration and starting point for the party table and decor.  



Pegasus Party Fringe Envelope Invitations

I love all things paper, and especially paper invitations.  The little extra effort to present a person with a paper invitation makes an event - and guest, feel special.  I decided to keep the invitation itself simple in design, with simple text, and opted for a Pegasus silhouette shaped invitation on pearlized pink cardstock.  To add some fun flare to the invitation, I created fringed details on the envelopes from crepe streamers and gold foil mylar paper.  The process is shown in my Instagram Story Highlights.    



Pegasus Party Table

Pegasus Party

Picking up color inspiration from the Winged Unicorn Napkins, I decided to mix up the place settings to create interest and fun variation, and layered the Octagonal Iridescent Large Plates with alternating 8-Point Star Plates and Dusty Pink Octagonal Plates.  To tie in with the fringe balloon garland, I opted for the Gold Fringe Cups, and placed mixed gold and pink straws paired with Iridescent Star Stir Sticks.  To round out gold touches, I added our Bella Gold Cutlery to each place setting.  

For the center of the table, @Myblushpeony created gold orbs to tie in with the above table balloon garland, and strewed the center with mixed bits of iridescent and gold fringe.  

Each guest was also presented with a magical star shaped cookie wand as a little welcome gift, with gemstone inspired name tags.



Pegasus Party Iridescent Balloon Fringe Garland

Celestial Pegasus Party

Jacky from @myblushpeony is truly amazing when it comes to working with my crazy ideas and visions!  Picking up the colors of the party tableware, Jacky created a balloon fringe garland with double-stuffed white and pastel pink pearlized balloons, touches of gold chrome balloons, and she also created a choppy, multi-length garland with iridescent fringe.  She also placed some gold orbs for the table to match the balloon garland.  The results are magical!



Cookie Wands

 An edible gift is always a fun way to spice up a placesetting.  I had had the idea of doing cookie wands for a while, and this was the perfect party for pretty, celestial wands.  The process is detailed in my Instagram Story Highlights.  And finally, what to do with those left over cookie wand sticks?  We turned them into fabric and sequin stick wands in our party craft activity!

Pegasus Party Wand Craft

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Party et Cie - Pegasus Party

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Party et Cie - Pegasus Party

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Pegasus Party

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Pegasus Party

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Pegasus Party Fringe Cups

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Party et Cie - Pegasus Party

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Balloon Fringe Garland and Table Balloons: My Blush Peony

Styling, Partyware and Photography: Party et Cie

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