The Great HorseCapade!


My spunky, opinionated youngest daughter has thus far let me decide her party theme, or, I used to at least be able to skew her "opinion" to a theme that I thought was fitting.  But this year, she was turning 6, and was VERY decisive about her theme.  She has always been a horse fan, so I knew that her theme would have something to do with horses, but I was very surprised when she said, "I want a horsey mystery party!".  I of course had to clarify what she meant by this, and was pleasantly surprised when I found out she meant, A Scavenger Hunt!  In the times of Covid, a great party activity is absolutely essential, and what better way to entertain the kids at home than with a fun scavenger hunt that yields lots of prizes!  In terms of decor and the party table, I didn't want to create a party which "screamed" horse, so instead opted for a Horses-in-a-Flowery-Pasture / Kentucky Derby vibe.  I decided to incorporate an underlying floral theme with a ton of little horse details!


T H E   T A B L E

The first time I laid eyes on the Flora Collection from Daydream Society, I fell immediately in love.  The sweet colors and patterns were so eye catching, but most of all, I loved its versatility.  The underlying floral theme lended itself perfectly to the sentiments of this spring season.  I added my current favorite Bella Cutlery in blush, and secured them together with a hand-tied silk ribbon for a nice presentation.  For the beverage details, I added striped straws, and beautiful (and reusable!) acrylic flower stir sticks from Designandunwind.  Jenny's line of beautiful acrylic party accessories are a new discovery of mine, and I couldn't be more thrilled to add her talent to the roster of collaborators!   She did a wonderful job of picking up the colors from the Flora plates, and incorporating them into the stir sticks!  I was thrilled with the results!

The Great Horse Capade Party

I decided to keep the center of the table very simple, and dotted it with little horse figurines, and tiny glass vessels with simple white and green flowers.  For a festive effect, I strewed Carousel Confetti over the table.

Horse Capade Party


 T H E   B A L L O O N   G A R L A N D

I wanted to create a showstopping overhanging balloon centerpiece and enlisted the services of Toronto balloon artist, Jacky of @myblushpeony .  I picked the colors of light pink, light peach, butter yellow and ivory for the balloon garland.  Because the party had an underlying floral team, Jacky added mini balloon daisies and matching colored and iridescent fringe.  The results are just stunning!

Party et Cie Balloon Garland My Blush Peony

Party et Cie Balloon Garland

My Blush Peony

T H E   T R E A T S

It's tradition in my family that I always make the birthday cakes.  I'm nowhere near a pastry artist or even a baker, but I can definitely follow a recipe.  I usually have to keep the cake decorating to a minimum because my skills are lacking.  I wanted to create a cake with a sweet little mama and baby horse-in-a-pasture scene, so I used Schliech horse figurines and created a brown fondant fence.  I didn't want the whole cake to be grass-green, so I picked up the butter yellow color, and dotted the cake with pink and daisy flower beds (daisies courtesy of Totally Cupcakes!)

To make up for where I lack, I enlisted Claudia of Totally Cupcakes to create a few party treats.  She never disappoints and created beautiful buttercream topped sugar cookies, and vanilla cake popsicles utilising the daisy motif and the party color scheme.  The results were stunningly beautiful....and of course delicious!

Horse Capade Party

Totally Cupcakes

Totally Cupcakes


T H E   P A R T Y   F A V O R S

I will refrain from going into the Scavenger Hunt party activity, which was detailed in my instagram stories (although I may end up writing a blog post about this in the future), but the party favors are always the BEST part of the party!  I created mini white/iridescent horseshoe pinatas with fun gummy treats inside from HelloBaked.  My children each received Flora tattoos, and of course got to keep their new-found equine friends!  

Party et Cie - Treats

Party et Cie - Horse Friends

* * * * *

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Maggie said:

I love the colours you chose! The yellow is perfect! And don’t sell yourself short, the cake is perfect, you have talent my friend 😊
Can’t wait to see the next party!

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