Nothing is as celebratory of the arrival of spring as flowers.  But, considering it is a little early in the season to be going full on spring pastels, we wanted to do a more muted rendition of a spring party while still celebrating its impending arrival, with pops of bright color!  We found nothing more inspiring than the Nathalie Lété - designed Flora Collection for Meri Meri.  It's spring, but not too spring, and floral enough to also give us huge Bohemian inspo!  January thru March is also peak Blood Orange season, and its mottled orange and ruby interior certainly inspired this party's color palette.  And of course we love party crafts, and what could be more bohemian than beads?  Nothing, really!  So throw in florals, fruits and beads, and we've come full circle with: La Vie Bohème. 


T H E   I N V I T A T I O N

We decided to play up the lovely bright flower designs on the Flora collection, and created an invitation with a muted mustard background (similar to our tablecloth), and added photo-real flower images which were purchased from TheDutchLadyDesigns Etsy shop. 

Party et Cie - La Vie Boheme Invitation

We fell in love with this invitation and are offering a fill-in version as a FREE downloadable in three different colors:  Peach, Mustard and Sky.

Party et Cie - Fill in Invitation


T A B L E   D E T A I L S

To set the table for our bohemian party, we started with a beautifully textured mustard yellow washed Cotton Muslin Throw from HM Home, and placed a simple and bright compote-style floral arrangement of inexpensive supermarket flowers and greenery at the center of the table.  We strewed dried blood orange slices (which we made at HQ), blood oranges and dried flower petals and buds down the center table for a bohemian vibe.

Party et Cie - La Vie Boheme 1

Party et Cie - La Vie Boheme 1


T H E   P L A C E S E T T I N G

To create each place setting, we used the Flora Luncheon PlatesFlora Cocktail Napkins and Flora Cups with gold straws, and added a sweet little twine-tied posey of wildflowers to welcome our little guests.   

Party et Cie - La Vie Boheme 4

Party et Cie - La Vie Boheme


T H E   F A R E

While partaking in the beading party craft, guests were treated with Rustic Ham and Butter Sandwiches, Dark Chocolate Toasted Sesame Bark and Dulcey Chocolate Bark with freeze dried raspberries and toasted coconut from LaRochelle Confections, Bohemian Buttercream Floral Cookies and a Naked Buttercream Cake dotted with daisies. 

Party et Cie - La Vie Boheme Cake

Party et Cie - La Vie Boheme Cookies

La Vie Boheme - Chocolate Bark and Sandwiches

 * * * * *

Party et Cie - Bohemian Beads

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Children

* * * * *

La Vie Boheme Cake and Cookies


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