Are you hosting a gathering of family for Thanksgiving dinner or a gathering of friends for an annual Friendsgiving?  We came up with a super chic, simple, stylish and inexpensive tablescape centerpiece that will have guests gushing!  We decided to do a monochromatic colour scheme this year, picking out ivory candles, white mini pumpkins and eucalyptus branches.  This whole look took an easy few hours to put together, including "aging" the candles!

We purchased 12, 6" ivory pillar candles from the dollar store, and cut several of them in half, or almost halves.  You may need to purchase fewer or more candles, depending on the size of your table.  We used a knife heated over a gas stove flame to cut the candles, and varied the location of the cut so the candles would vary in size, and of course used both "halves."  We then did what we like to call the "burn and dump."  This involves burning the candles for several hours, but every hour or so, dumping the melted wax.  This causes the candles to burn at a quicker pace, resulting in an "aged" look.

We placed the candles on a simple white linen tablecloth, staggering the locations, placing the tallest candles in the middle, and tapering off in height as we placed out.  We then wove cut eucalyptus branches through the candles, and also scattered mini white pumpkins.

To complete our look, we used our Blanc Collection from Harlow & Grey, as the white and gold elements completely complements the tablescape!  Check out the beautiful results below!

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Party et Cie - Thanksgiving Tablescape

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