Are you throwing a Pink n' Pretty Halloween party this year?  It's all the rage this season, so we have come up with a pink version of a popular and easy party treat to match your pastel-hued Halloween table.  Candy bark is quick and easy to make, and kids can get involved as well!  We chose to keep our candy bark primarily pink, but you can mix more colours into this to match your tablescape colours.  This pink candy bark was a perfect match for our fabulous Daydream Society SPOOKED partyware!  To get more Pink Halloween inspiration, hop on over to our Pinterest Board!


 Ingredients and Materials:

* Wilton Candy Melts in Pink and White (You can choose different colours)

* Wilton Candy Eyeballs in two sizes

* Sweetapolita sprinkles

* Yogurt covered pretzels

* Toothpicks

* Tray lined with parchment paper

* Microwave safe bowl

* Spatula and/or scraper

 * Clear sandwich bag or piping bag with small hole cut into corner

Party et Cie Bakes - Pink Monster Bark Materials

Melt the Wilton pink candy melts in the microwave in a microwave safe bowl as per package directions.

Party et Cie Bakes - Pink Monster Bark Step 1

Pour melted pink candy melts onto the parchment paper-lined tray and spread out using spatula or scraper. Smooth surface and rap down on the counter to help even out the surface and get rid of air bubbles.

Party et Cie Bakes - Pink Monster Bark Step2

Melt the white candy melts in the microwave as per directions.  Place melted white candy melts into the sandwich bag or piping bag, and drizzle lines over the tray.

Party et Cie Bakes - Pink Monster Bark Step3

Take the wooden toothpick and draw lines in a perpendicular direction, through the white candy melts.  Rap down on the counter to smooth out surface.

Party et Cie Bakes - Pink Monster Bark Step4

Place yogurt covered pretzels, eyeballs (we liked to place these in pairs) and sprinkles over the candy melts.

Party et Cie Bakes - Pink Monster Bark Step5

Place in fridge until the candy melts harden, and then break up pieces.  (**Tip**) We found that heating a sharp knife over the stove and making clean straight cuts yielded better looking pieces. 

Party et Cie Bakes - Pink Monster Bark Step 6

Serve to guests at your Pink Halloween party, or place in pink monster loot bags.  We took glassine bags, cut out some monster teeth from pink cardstock, placed large googly eyes and pink sticker dots all over the bags.  We filled them with pink monster bark, our Daydream Society Halloween Tattoos, Ooly Mini Monster Scented Markers, and a few other pink treats! 

Party et Cie Bakes - Monster Bark

* * * * *

Party et Cie Bakes - Halloween Treat Bag

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Pink Halloween

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