Yes, it's official:  We have Pink Halloween Fever!  So here's one more pink Halloween treat for the win: Pink Meringue Ghost Pops!  Admittedly, we are not meringue experts, and merely home bakers, but you get the jist of our idea.  Meringue can be tricky, and the humid weather in Toronto right now is not doing us any favours, either.  The main component of meringue, the egg whites, absorbs moisture from the air, preventing stiff, white peaks from developing which are essential to forming the shapes and structures desired.  Humidity also prevents the meringue from crisping up, and can cause it to weep during baking, which doesn't look pretty.  But the possibilities of meringue are endless, which is why we love them!  We chose the colour pink, but you can make any colour or combination of colours you choose to fit with your Halloween party theme.


Classic Meringue recipe from Epicurious


- Piping bags, couplers and assorted tips (We used Wilton tip 1A to pipe the body and Wilton tip 18 to pipe the little rosettes)

- Oven-safe pop sticks (we purchased ours at a local craft store)

- Sprinkles of your colour choice

- Parchment paper

- Metal tray

- Our downloadable, traceable Meringue Ghost Pop template



Trace a few of our Ghost Pop templates onto the parchment paper, making sure they are spaced at least 2 inches apart.  Remember to also leave room for the sticks.

Make the meringue mixture as per recipe instructions, adding dye in your choice of colour.  Pipe, using the large round tip, starting at the ghost head, and zig-zagging down to the tip of the ghost, following the shape of the template.  Gently insert the pop stick at least 1.5" into the bottom of the meringue pop.  Pipe a few rosettes (in any colour you like), randomly around the meringue pop bottom and toss on some sprinkles.  Bake as per recipe directions.

Hand the Meringue Ghost pops out at your Halloween party, and watch little ones enjoy these crunchy, spooky confections!


Party et Cie - Pink Meringue Ghost Pops

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Party et Cie Bakes - Pink Meringue Ghost Pops

October 02, 2018 by Party et Cie Team

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