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Throwing a robot or space themed party?  We came up with a fun party activity for little guests, which also doubles as a take home treat!  Kids will have so much fun creating their own edible robot head!  This activity is probably best for ages 9+ to do alone, and younger ones can complete this with adult help and supervision.  We recommending prepping the robot heads, including completing the edible silver dust application before the guests arrive.

Ingredients and Materials:

Rice Krispie Treats Base

We used the classic Rice Krispie Treats recipe which can be found on the cereal box but you can also view it here.  One recipe portion was enough to make 8 robot heads.  To make the lifting out and removal from the pan easier, we lined a 9" x 13" pan with overhanging parchment paper which we lightly buttered.  We then pressed the cereal marshmallow mixture down very well and made the surface as smooth as possible.  

Party et Cie Bakes - Robot Rice Krispie Treats Ingredients

Robot Topper Ingredients and Materials:

* 2 lbs White Candy Melts purchased at Bulk Barn

* Black Lollipop Sticks (we purchased ours from a local craft store)

* Edible Eyes (we purchased ours from Bulk Barn)

* Wooden toothpicks (non-minty!)

* Assorted candy (purchased from Bulk Barn)

* Rolkem Super Silver Dust (purchased from Christine's Molds)

* A splash of vodka (hehe not to drink but to create a paint paste with the silver dust - don't worry the alcohol evaporates)

* A small paintbrush

* Parchment Paper


Remove the Rice Krispie Treat slab from the pan and cut into square and rectangle shapes.  Ours ranged from approximately 2-4 inches on each side.  We cut different sizes to create different looking robot heads.  Insert the sticks gently into the bottom of the squares.

Party et Cie - Robot Rice Krispie Treats Step 1

Using the double boiler method or the microwave, melt the candy melts and gently dip the squares into the melted mixture.  We used a spatula to smooth the sides.  Place dipped squares on a parchment covered rack or tray and place in fridge to let harden.

Party et Cie - Robot Rice Krispie Treats Step 3

Create a silver paint paste by mixing a small amount of vodka with the Rolkem Super Silver dust.  The paste should be of a similar consistency to toothpaste.  Brush on the the candy melt covered squares.  *This required several layers, so please leave a lot of time for this step.  The silver paste should be fully dry before applying the next layer.  Repeat this step until you have reached a desired effect.  We chose to trim our robot squares, although this is not necessary.

 Party et Cie - Robot Rice Krispie Treats Step 4

Put out bowls of candy, toothpicks and melted candy melts.  The candy eyes and confections can be secured and assembled using the toothpicks inserted into both parts, or by using the candy melts to act as a "glue".  

Place extra candy in a standard-sized sandwich bag, and staple our "SPARE ROBOT PARTS" printout to create a fun and theme-fitting favour bag.

 Party et Cie - Robot Rice Krispie Treats Hands

 * * * * *

Party et Cie - Robot Spare Parts

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Robot Party

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