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Springtime is a very busy time of year, and people are looking towards outdoor get togethers and parties.  We are just emerging from the cold and miserable pandemic winter and looking forward to warmer weather.  Thus, I was humorously taken aback when I asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday party theme, and she replied, "an arctic animals party!"

Truthfully, she originally had asked for a penguin party, under the guise of simply wanting a penguin stuffie, but I wanted to do something with a wider creative scope.  I was able to skew the theme to an arctic animals party, which includes penguins as well as other adorable animals.   



Arctic Party Flora Centerpiece

Wanting to do a creative interpretation of "arctic," I decided to stay away from the typical snow and snowflake motifs and decided to base my decor around arctic flora.  

I downloaded a Leaves svg cut file from this Etsy shop and used my cricut to cut out different shapes and sizes in various white and aqua shades of pearlized cardstock.  I then created a foam core base and covered it with aqua cardstock, and cut out hill shaped bases to create a snowdrift look.  Before gluing the leaves on to the base with hot glue, I used a water/glue mixture which I brushed on to the leaves to help stiffen them.

I was very pleased with the results!  I completed the look by placing sweet little Arctic stuffies, including Polar Bears, a Penguin, an Arctic Fox, an Arctic Seal and an Arctic Owl, dotted around the celebration table.  

Arctic Flora Centerpiece

 I was thrilled with the pretty and adorable results!



Arctic Animals Party


Wanting to keep with the party color scheme, I chose to layer the Meri Meri Octagonal plates from the shop with the Large Mint on the bottom, and Small Iridescent on top.  I am a huge proponent of layering plates for the initial table presentation.  You can always pull away the smaller dessert plates right before you serve the main meal.  I complimented the layered plates with Mint Scalloped Napkins, Iridescent Cups and White and Silver Bella Cutlery.

I added to each place setting a homemade Wax Sealed Arctic Flora Party Poppers, the process of which can be seen in this Instagram Reel.

As additional placesetting favors, I added a special Polar Bear wand to the birthday girl's placesetting from one of my favorite Etsy shops, The Wooly Canvas, and to each one I also added some Arctic themed cookies from Cookie Nomad wrapped with sparkly yarn.

Wax Sealed Arctic Flora Party Poppers Crackers




Arctic Animals Party Cake

Not having cake-making as my forte, I opted to keep the icing decor to a minimum and opted instead to add some adorable Arctic details.  To the top of this simple aqua-iced cake, I added Arctic Animal figurines topped with homemade party hats, and added a sweet little bunting for a festive look!

Cookie Nomad ARctic Animals penguin polar bear Sugar Cookies

You will never regret adding themed sugar cookies to your party food playlist!  They work as on-theme dessert table details, and double as party giveaways too!  Cookie Nomad created these adorable Polar Bear, Penguin and Arctic snowflake cookies for the party and they are just the perfect touch!



Arctic Polar Bear Loot Favor Bags


I'm a huge fan of giving stuffies away as loot bags.  Stuffies are enduring, and make way for lots of post-party imaginative play!  And what could be more on-theme for this Arctic Animals party than little polar bear cubs!  I created fun  Certificate of Adoption certificates for the guests to fill out and name their polar bears.  The Certificate of Adoption is available to download here!  I also added some fun fish-shaped chocolates and gummies as "Polar Bear Food." 

Polar Bear Adoption Certificates
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Arctic Animals Party Party et Cie
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Arctic Animals Party Polar Bear Loot Bags
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Arctic Animals Party
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Arctic Sugar Cookies
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June 15, 2021 by Party et Cie Team

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