There is perhaps nothing as iconic for Valentine's Day as those chalky, not-great-tasting, candy conversation hearts.  As ironic as this is, it has inspired us so much over the years, by way of parties, valentine cards and gifts.  

We've taken it to the cutest level by throwing a party around this iconic candy!


T H E   C E N T E R   T A B L E S C A P E

Conversation Hearts Valentine's Day Party Tablescape


I started off with the Conversation Hearts Table Runner (all links will be below).  Any paper table runner becomes almost a party-must have, because it adds so much liveliness to the table, and makes for the quickest cleanup - Recycle Bin and done!   

Next, I added the Pastel Conversation Hearts Felt Garland.  I love Felt Garland decor for a table because post-party it can be repurposed to liven up a child's bedroom or bookshelf!

Lastly - my party go to:  I almost never sprinkle confetti on a table.  For this party, I used the pastel iridescent mix called Whimsy.


T H E   P L A C E S E T T I N G

Pastel Conversation Hearts Party - Party et Cie


As you know I'm a fan of layering tableware because it adds so much dimension to a tablesetting.  I started with the classic Large Octagonal Plates and finished off with the Candy Hearts Plates.  For napkins, I love the contrast of a playful stripe, so I used the Mixed Stripe Napkins layered with the Candy Hearts Napkins.  


Pastel Conversation Hearts Party - Party et Cie


T H E   P A R T Y   T R E A T S

Pastel Conversation Hearts Party  - Party et Cie


An on-theme party treat is ideal here, because the classic Conversation Heart Candies are so versatile - put them in Chocolate Bark (as was done here), put them in cookies or mix them with popcorn..or just enjoy them alone in their chalky goodness!

Pastel Conversation Hearts Party - Party et Cie
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Pastel Conversation Hearts Party - Party et Cie
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