Party Invitations - but make them PARTY!  Nothing builds excitement as much as receiving a party invitation.  This Party Shaker Invitation glow-up can transform any plain paper invitation into a fun and interactive invite by adding some easy, fun and lively little details!  


Party et Cie Party Shaker Invitations



Party Shaker Invitations Materials


* Your Paper Party Invitations (I designed these invitations for my daughter's 9th Kawaii-themed birthday party, but custom invitations can be found on Etsy, and as well in some stationery shops)

* Plastic sealable sleeves (we found these on amazon, but any cello bags will do as long as you can tape shut and your invitation fits snuggly)

* Confetti in your chosen shapes and colors

* Mini Candies - we found these at a local Asian supermarket, but any mini, colorful candies like Jolly Ranchers or lollipops will do just fine!

* Mini 5" Balloons



 Party Shaker Invitations Party et Cie

Place your Party invitation in the plastic sleeve.


Party Shaker Invitations

Add a mini balloon... 


Party Shaker Invitations

 Add your candies... 


Party Shaker Invitations

 Add your confetti...


Voila!!  Party Shaker Invitations are ready to be distributed!

Party Shaker Invitations

* * * * * 

Party Shaker Invitations


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