Picnic style Brunch Party


We're celebrating Mom by throwing a brunch party with a bit of a twist!  The pandemic has definitely not been good news for large gatherings - but they have put in our heads the idea of adorable individual party servings.  We've seen it from mini champagne bottles, to a cupcake in a box, to individual mini charcuterie boards, and admittedly we are LOVING this adorable trend!

We love the idea of eating outside, picnic style, and with the weather finally turning, what better way to celebrate Mom than with a sweet little Picnic Brunch!  


Mother's Day Picnic Party

These adorable Mini Picnic Baskets from the shop are just the perfect size to fit a small bottle of delectable Rose Lemonade - straw included!  Also included are individual mini sandwiches and little pockets made from pink striped parchment paper for fruit and chips.   A well rounded picnic lunch!


Individual Mini Picnic Baskets


Each place setting was set atop a pretty Blush Linen Gingham Tablecloth, using our English Garden Plates and Napkins from Meri Meri.  The center of the table is decked with a simple flower, arrangement a pretty vanilla cake decorated with edible flowers, and of course gifts for mom!  Also on the table are some sweet Gingham Sugar Cookies from Cookie Nomad, and an extra large basket is also set out with bottles of sparkling and still water, and bistro glasses.  Scroll down to see all the prettiness!
Vanilla Flower Picnic Cake
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Gingham Sugar Cookies
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Picnic Style Brunch
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Picnic Brunch with Individual mini picnic baskets
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A Picnic Style Brunch
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