At Party et Cie, we love thinking outside the box - whether it be in the way we decorate, apply a unique touch, or, in this case, find an original theme.  The birthday girl is a huge dog lover, and while this is a very popular theme, we wanted to apply a twist!  The famed Oh Happy Day Blog balloon dog piñata had caught our eye many times and after many pinterest searches, little came up on balloon dog themed parties, so we decided that we had found our theme!

Party et Cie - Balloon Dog Party Tablescape


T H E   P L A C E S E T T I N G

Because there is an almost non-existent presence of "Balloon Dog" themed partyware, we had to create some customized pieces.  Each guest was treated to a fully customized acrylic balloon dog place card.  We had our balloon dog design custom cut in clear acrylic by Cutts Studio, and had each guest's name calligraphed by DistINKtive Calligraphy, a Toronto based calligrapher.  A well placed hole in the dog's ear allowed us to tie a pretty piece of hot pink tulle for a decorative place setting touch, and as a parting gift, we popped the acrylic balloon dogs and a colorful tassel onto keychains, to be hung on school backpacks!  Each guest also received a colorful reusable balloon dog acrylic stir stick from KailoChic.

Because balloon dogs are colorful, we decided to do a neon rainbow mix of our Oh Happy Day Small Plate colors, over our Black and White Grid Large Plates.  We used our Solid Rainbow Cups, and accessorized the cups with a mix of our Striped and Dot Paper Straws.  For another colorful punch we then added a mix of our Party Hot Pink Napkins, Hooray Yellow Napkins and Cake Light Pink Napkins, and as a finishing touch added our Light Pink Wooden Cutlery

Party et Cie - Balloon Dog Party Placesetting


T H E   D E C O R

Of course we had to make the balloon dog piñata!  This was no easy task, and the process was well documented in our Instagram stories.  After 2 weeks of diligently working on the piñata, between drying times, having to redo parts, and going out to buy even more glue, the masterpiece was finished.  And what a masterpiece she was!  The piñata (which is never to be used as an actual pinata!) provided to be a stunning centerpiece and as well a fun photo prop for the party!  To make your own balloon dog piñata, head over to the Oh Happy Day Blog post for full instructions!  

Balloon Dog Centerpiece

We have been dying to use our Silver Iridescent Fringe Tassel Garland, and did so while mixing in a few homemade colorblocked fringe banners.  These were easily assembled by stringing pieces of cut crepe streamer in light teal, light pink, canary yellow, hot pink, lilac and mint, and a few pieces of iridescent fringe, across a piece of butcher's twine.

Party et Cie - Fringe Banner

And we couldn't not add a few seasonal dahlias to the table for pops of color!  We wanted to keep the actual table decor to a minimum so as to not detract from the balloon dog piñata and beautiful fringe banners overhead, so we found a few small glass vessels and placed a few colorful dahlias and tiny greenery around the table.  


T H E   B I R T H D A Y   C A K E   A N D   A L L   T H E   T R E A T S

Again there are so few balloon dog themed cakes and treats, that we had to again bounce ideas off ourselves.  Because the balloon dog image is so often associated with Pop Art, we decided to do a cake inspired by this movement by utilizing bright colors, repeating motifs and color-blocking.     

Party et Cie - Balloon Dog Cake

We wanted to throw in some additional fun treats, and contacted our friend over at Totally Cupcakes.  She did a fantastic job in keeping with our theme and color scheme, and the Mini Cake Pops and customized Dog Bone Sugar Cookies were outrageously delicious!

Balloon Dog Cookies

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Balloon Dog Acrylic Placesetting

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Party et Cie - A Balloon Dog Party Table

 * * * * *Party et Cie - Balloon Dog Pinata


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October 10, 2019 by Party et Cie Team

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