We're always trying to think outside the box when it comes to party decor, and we think this lollipop plant fits the bill!  Our most recent Party et Cie Event was our Candyland Party and we wanted to create a tablescape in which everything was candy themed or made of candy, including the center "arrangements" - as only one would think in a Candyland World it would be!  This adorable centerpiece not only doubles as table decor, but at the end of the festivities, children can be invited to "pick" from the lollipop plant as a take-home memento from their visit to the magical, mystical Candyland!



Lollipop Plant - Materials

 * Selection of lollipops in varied sizes and colors (or in your desired color scheme)

* Galvanized metal buckets or plant pots (purchased from a local craft store)

* Floral styrofoam block (purchased from a local craft store)

* Craft moss (purchased from a local craft store)

* Serrated knife

* Old newspaper

* Sharpie pen



Party et Cie - Lollipop Plant Step 1 + 2

Using the Sharpie pen, trace the bucket or pot opening onto the styrofoam block.  Trim away the edges until you have a piece of foam that fits snuggly into the pot.  It is better to start big and slowly trim because you don't want the foam to be wiggly in the pot.  If needed, stuff the bottom of the pot with newspapers, and then place the foam on top, making sure that the top of the foam is about one inch below the top of the pot.


Lollipop Plant - Step 3 + 4

Spread glue lightly over the surface of the styrofoam and press craft moss lightly on top, making sure to cover the surface.  Do not use a lot of glue, because if there is too much, the lollipops will be difficult to stick in through the glue.


Party et Cie - Lollipop Plant Step 5

Now you're ready to stick in the lollipops!  It is better to stick the bigger lollipops straight in and not at an angle, or else your pot may tip.  Once the bigger lollipops are in, you can place the smaller ones in at an angle.

Use these unique floral delights as a centerpiece for a candy themed party, and let the children enjoy the lollipop harvest by letting them "pick" their lollipop at the end of the party! 

Party et Cie - Lollipop Plant

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Lollipop Plant Centerpiece

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Party et Cie - Lollipop Plant

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Maggie said:

I love this idea, you could totally change up the candy and make it a more Halloween themed candy tree, add in some spooky looking branches and a black pot!
I love your creativity!! 💕

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