If the best way to one's heart is through one's stomach, then these delicious BFF Heart Sugar Cookies will make the perfect Valentine's treat for your Best Friend Forever.  We used a classic and always delectable sugar cookie recipe, and opted for a fondant topping, which is a lot easier than royal icing (in our humble opinion!).  Best friends will love these sweet cookies, and having one half of a whole BFF heart to share with their bestie.


Ingredients and Materials

- Sugar cookie dough (we used, and loved this Genius Kitchen Sugar Cookie recipe)

- Large 5" heart cookie cutter

- Fondant (pre coloured, or white, depending on your colour preferences)

- Food gels in various shades of pink for white fondant (We love the selection of  Americolor gels here)

- Edible food paint (We loved this Edible Art brand of paint)

- Ceramic dish

- Fine paintbrush

- Small sharp knife or exact-o knife

Party et Cie - BFF Sugar Cookies Materials



Make the sugar cookie dough as per directions.  When the dough is ready, roll out and cut large hearts with the cookie cutter.  Using your sharp knife or exact-o knife, cut a large zig zag through the middle of the heart in 4 strokes, starting from the center dip of the heart, and ending at the bottom tip, and keeping each half about the same size.  Keeping the half heart pairs together, bake the cookies as directed.  Add the desired gel food colours to your fondant and mix until well blended.  On your counter dusted with cornstarch, roll out the fondant until about 1/8" thick.  

Cut out fondant hearts with the 5" cookie cutter. 

Party et Cie - BFF Sugar Cookies Step 1

Once the cookies have completely cooled, and working in heart sets, place one half of the cookie directly but lightly on top of the fondant heart and trace and cut the zig zag.  The other half fondant heart should match the other sugar cookie half.

Party et Cie - BFF Sugar Cookie Step 2

Sprinkle the underside of fondant heart half with a little bit of water, and place on top of the matching sugar cookie heart half, pressing lightly but firmly so as to not make indents or finger marks in the surface.

Party et Cie - BFF Sugar Cookies Step 3

Let fondant topped cookies rest over night to allow the fondant to dry slightly and stick to the sugar cookie.  Pour a small amount of the edible paint into a dish, and paint on each side "Best Friend."

Party et Cie - BFF Cookies Step 7

 Give one half to your bestie and enjoy the other half yourself!

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Party et Cie - BFF Cookies 1

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Party et Cie - BFF Cookies 2

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