Nothing conjures up more magic at Christmastime than the classic tale of the Nutcracker.  The Snow Queen, the Land of Sweets, the mysterious and magical Uncle Drosselmeyer and of course the Sugar Plum Fairy all harken us back to what dreams are made of.  We came up with a beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament craft that kids can decorate (with adult supervision) and create a magical ornament that is sure to become an annual reminder of Christmas magic.  This craft is recommended for ages 9+, but you can create a little kid version with a paper cutout and a tutu made of gathered crepe party streamer.



Party et Cie - Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament Materials

* Felt in various pink hues

* White embroidery thread

* Embroidery needle

* Scissors

* Small Rhinestone stickers

* 6” wide pink tulle

* PolyFill stuffing

* 1/8” pink ribbon

* Pins

* Our Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament Downloadable Template


For the little kid version, you’ll need

* Pink cardstock

* Pink crepe party streamer

* Scissors

* Glue

* Small rhinestone stickers

* 1/8” Pink ribbon



Print out the downloadable ballerina bodice, cut out and pin securely onto a folded piece of felt.  Cut out the felt ballerina bodice.  You should have a front and back that match.  Using your embroidery thread and needle, stitch with a blanket stitch from the lower hip of the bodice, all the way to the other lower hip, leaving the bottom open.  We found a great tutorial for the blanket stitch here

Party et Cie - Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament Step 1 + 2

Stuff the bodice with a small amount of PolyFill stuffing.  The bodice should have a little bit of volume, but not be overstuffed.  Complete the blanket stitching all the way around to seal the bodice. 

Party et Cie - Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament Step 3 + 4

Cut 3, 12” long pieces of tulle and layer directly on top of each other.  Using your embroidery thread and needle, create a stitch along the the top length with ½” long stitches.  When you have finished the top stitching, gather the tulle to a length that will fit around the bodice waist. 

Party et Cie - Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament - Step 5 + 6

Wrap the skirt around the bodice waist and simply tie the ends of the embroidery thread and trim the excess.  Even out the gathers around the skirt, and trim the skirt to your desired length.  Taking your 1/8” ribbon, cut approximately 18” and tie a bow with the two ends.  Secure the bottom of the ribbon loop with a stitch to attach it to the back neckline of the bodice.  

Party et Cie - Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament Step 7 + 8

The Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament is ready to decorate with rhinestones!  Smaller hands will need help with this part, or you can create a similar version with cardstock and crepe party streamer that has been gathered and glued on.  Set out ornament decorating stations with the Sugar Plum Fairy Dress, rhinestone stickers and sweet treats!

Party et Cie - Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament Final

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament Party

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament

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