We have a DIY gift for adults that adults will actually enjoy!  And it of course involves booze.  Vodka infusions are ridiculously easy, yet look like a grand effort.  This does require time (2-3 weeks) so if you're looking to give this as a holiday gift, plan accordingly.  We have included our downloadable Vodka Infusion labels in the Materials section.  For a fun and final gifty touch, we created "Cocktail Kits" and wrapped up the bottles with ribbon, winter greenery and included swizzle sticks, cocktail umbrellas and picks from our shop.  For this blog post demo, we chose to make Gingerroot, Meyer Lemon and Cracked Peppercorn infusions, and have also included 3 downloadable cocktail recipe cards using these infusions: Ginger Pear Martini, Meyer Lemon Drop and Strawberry Peppercorn Smash.   



Party et Cie - Infused Vodka Materials

-Yields 3 x 500mL infusions-

* 3 clean mason jars.

* 3 infusions of your choice (we chose gingerroot, peppercorn and meyer lemons, but we also suggest trying Cilantro, Pineapple, Raspberry, Serrano Pepper and Mint)

* 1500 mL of vodka

* 3 clear 500mL glass bottles with stoppers (we used the IKEA Korken bottles)

* funnel

* mortar and pestle (for peppercorns)

* cheesecloth

* rubber cement

* 1-2 sheets of cream or ivory card stock (we used ivory linen cardstock)

* our downloadable Vodka Infusion Labels

(**For this blog post, we decided to do vodka infusions of Gingerroot, Meyer Lemon and Cracked Peppercorn, but we included downloadable labels for Cilantro, Pineapple, Raspberry, Serrano Pepper and Mint)

* laser or inkjet printer



Clean mason jars with hot soapy water and dry off completely.  Slice ginger root, meyer lemons and crush peppercorns slightly with a mortar and pestle.  If using different infusions, slice any fruit or vegetables so the insides are exposed.  Place infusions into mason jars, 1 type per jar.

 Party et Cie - Infused Vodka Step 1 and 2

Pour vodka over the infusions in the mason jar.  Fill to the base of the neck.  Place lids tightly on the jars and store in a cool, dry and dark place for 2-3 weeks.

Party et Cie - Vodka Infusion Step 3 and 4

After 2-3 weeks of infusing, place a funnel lined with several layers of cheese cloth in the neck of the bottle with stopper.  Pour one mason jar infusion per one bottle through the funnel lined cheese cloth, catching all solids.  Print out labels onto cardstock (or create your own), and stick onto bottles using rubber cement, as per cement instructions. Don't forget to add your "Maker's Signature" to the bottom left hand of the label!

Party et Cie - Vodka Infusions Step 5 and 6

Create "Cocktail Kits" by wrapping up the bottles with ribbons, swizzle sticks, cocktail umbrellas and picks.  You can also create cocktail recipe cards, 3 of which we have available to download below.

 * * * * *

Party et Cie - Vodka Infusions

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Strawberry Peppercorn Smash

Get the recipe card for Strawberry Peppercorn Smash

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Ginger Pear Martini

Get the recipe card for Ginger Pear Martini

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Meyer Lemon Drop

Get the recipe card for Meyer Lemon Drop

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