These super adorable mini party hats are so easy to make and are such a versatile decoration.  Anywhere from cute little place setting decor, to cake toppers for animal figurines, cupcake toppers, to hats for your child's stuffies, these are such a fun and colorful addition to your party!



Party et Cie - Mini Party Hats Materials

* Origami paper cut in half on the diagonal (if you'd like smaller hats, cut in half again)

* Pom poms in assorted sizes

- Glue gun

- Scissors

- Glue dot roll or adhesive roll



Mini Party Hats Step 1 and 2

Take the long pointed end of one side of the triangle and roll it into itself, creating the tip and cone shape with the long side of the triangle.  Run glue dots along the remaining side.

Party et Cie - Mini Party Hats Step 3 + 4

Continue to roll the remaining side around the cone shape, and press to seal firmly.

Party et Cie - Mini Party Hats Step 5 + 6

Trim away the bottom to create a flat surface.  You can cut as much or as little as you want, depending on the size you seek.  Place a small dot of glue from your glue gun on the tip of the hat.

Party et Cie - Mini Party Hats Step 7

Press your chosen pom pom gently but firmly onto the tip of the hat.  Place these cuties at party place settings, on top of cupcakes, or atop animal figurines, as seen in the picture below! 

 Party et Cie - Mini Party Animals

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Mini Party Hats






Marissa said:

Where did you find the craft paper? Such cute prints!


Christina said:

Where did you get the paper from?

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