We're not going to lie. Our Party Monster party is one of our favourite parties thus far..and we were so excited to continue with this theme and put together a monster-riffic favour bag for all the mini monster guests.  We happen to have a bunch of cute monster themed goodies in our shop, but we also love the DIY element, so we decided to add our Cute Monster bracelets, make our own monster treats, and make monster-decorated favour bags.



Party et Cie - Monster-riffic Favour Bag Materials

* Glassine bags (purchased from a local craft store)

* Assorted sticker dots in your colour scheme (purchased from a local craft store)

* Fuzzy Monster Pet Bracelets (Visit the Blog Post to see how you can make these!)

* Round lollipops

* Googly Eyes

* Cardstock

* Glue Gun

* Scissors

* Monster Notebooks from our online shop

* Mini Monster Highlighters from our online shop

* Mini balloons




Glue small googly eyes onto the lollipops.

Party et Cie - Monster-riffic favour bags Step 1


Place sticker dots in varying sizes in your desired color scheme on both sides of the glassine bags.  We kept our monochromatic but do any color spots you like!

Party et Cie - Monster-riffic Favour Bag Step 2


Cut out funky monster teeth from the white cardstock.  This can be fairly random and messy since it's..well...Monster teeth!  Fold over glassine bags at about the 2/3 point and tape the teeth to the flap of the bag.

Party et Cie - Monster Party Favour Bag Assemblage


Stick pairs of googly eyes to the bag flap.  We had fun doing different sizes and spaces!

Party et Cie - Monster Loot Bag Assemblage Step 4


Fill the bags with lollipops, balloons, bracelets, and other Monster-riffic items!

Party et Cie - A Monster-riffic Favour Bag!

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Party Monster Party



Maggie said:

This is one of my favourite party themes you have done!!

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