If you are looking for a fantastic table centerpiece for your rainbow and clouds themed party, or trying to find an adorable parting gift for little guests, these dreamy balloon clouds double as both, are easy to assemble and very affordable!  


Party et Cie - Balloon Clouds Materials


To make one balloon cloud:

* 4 x Solid White 5" balloons

* 5 x Pearlized White 5" balloons

* 1 x Balloon Stick


*You can purchase our Party et Cie Balloon Cloud Kit which includes materials to make 3 cloud balloons (does not include hand pump or glue gun).

Other Materials:

* 1 Qualatex Balloon Hand Pump.  *We highly recommend using a hand pump because 5" balloons are extremely difficult to blow up on your own.

Optional Materials:

* A LOW Temperature Glue Gun which can be purchased at any craft store



For a fun timelapse video, visit our Instagram page and click on the balloon cloud image and swipe left. 

Here are the step by step instructions with images.  Start by inflating one solid balloon and one pearlized balloon to the full 5" capacity.  Tie the two together.

Party et Cie - Rainbow Balloon Tutorial Step 1

Party et Cie - Balloon Cloud Tutorial Step 2

Inflate 2 pearlized balloons and 1 solid balloon so that they are slightly smaller than the fully inflated 5" pair.  Tie the three balloons all together.  We like to use an odd number of balloons in our clouds so they look more irregular and creates more of a cloud-like shape.

Party et Cie - Balloon Cloud Tutorial Step 2

Inflate the last 4 balloons to a size slightly smaller than the middle sized balloons, and tie them together into pairs.

Party et Cie - Balloon Cloud Tutorial Step 5

Take the large size balloon bundle and the triple middle sized balloon bundle and twist them around each other.  Continue to twist the balloons around each other so that they are secure and won't unwind or come apart.  This only requires a few twists.

Party et Cie - Balloon Cloud Tutorial Step 6

Take the remaining small pairs, one at a time and twist around the large bundle.  Continue to twist and adjust the positioning of the balloons until they more or less look like the below image.

Party et Cie - Balloon Cloud Tutorial Step 7

If you wish to give these as guest giveaways, take the balloon stick and insert the cup in and amongst the balloon cloud.  It helps to put a glob of low temperature glue to secure it to the interior of the cloud balloon.

Party et Cie - Balloon Cloud Step 9

Place the balloon clouds along the center of your table to create a dreamy, cloudy tablescape, or hand these out to your little guests on their way out so they can continue their daydreams at home!


Party et Cie - Balloon Cloud Tutorial

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Balloon Cloud on Stick

* * * * *

Party et Cie - Rainbow Cloud Table Centerpiece



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