June seems like the perfect month to make a rainbow-themed cake, doesn't it?  In honour of Pride month, we made a Rainbow Cookie Cake to celebrate love and pride!  We used a lemon sugar cookie recipe and combined it with a sweet mascarpone cream filling, because we love the combination of lemon and sweet cheese!  We also created meringue clouds for the bases of the rainbow, and topped it with rainbow hued candy.


This cookie cake requires several components:  The cookie base and top (2 layers to create a sandwich), the filling and frosting, meringue clouds, and candy and cookie toppings.

Cookie Base

We created a rainbow shaped template so we could cut out a large cookie design.  Our rainbow measures approximately 15" L x 9" W.  The recipe we used was this Lemon Sugar Cookie recipe from Taste of Home, and the recipe portion was more than enough to make 2 large rainbow cookies.  The recipe calls for lemon extract, but if you can't find it, you can add 2tsp of lemon zest instead.  Cut out 2 large cookie shapes so you can create a filling sandwich.  Bake accordingly to recipe directions.

Party et Cie Bakes - Rainbow Cookie Cake Pattern

Party et Cie Bakes - Rainbow Cookie Step1

Party et Cie Bakes - Rainbow Cookie Cake


Filling and Frosting

We used the Mascarpone Cream Filling and Frosting recipe portion from this Epicurious Lemon Layer Cake.  We love this filling because it pairs so nicely with the lemon sugar cookie, plus it's super stable and will hold all those candy and cookie toppers. 

Meringue Clouds

We used this Basic Meringue recipe from Epicurious, and used a large piping bag to create meringue clouds.  Meringue can be tricky, especially in hot and humid weather.  If in doubt, you can also use store-bought white macarons to create a cloud-like look to the bases of the rainbow, or just pipe cloud shapes with the mascarpone cream filling.  

Party et Cie Bakes - Rainbow Cookie Cake Meringue Clouds

Candy Toppers

As you may have seen on our instagram, we raided the candy bins at Bulk Barn and purchased a selection of pastel coloured candy and sweets, although you can find candy at grocery and convenience stores and put together a rainbow-y selection.

Party et Cie Bakes - Cookie Cake Candy Toppers

Other materials

*A cake slab board that will fit your cookie cake

*Kitchenaid mixer

*2 piping bags


Once you've gathered, baked and whipped up all your components, you're ready to assemble!  Pipe a couple of dots of the filling on the base of your first cookie layer to stabilize it, and place on the slab board.  The filling will help to prevent the cookie cake from sliding off your board.  Pipe rows of dots of the mascarpone cream filling, following the rainbow shape.  Place second sugar cookie on top.  Pipe rows of dots of filling on the top, again following the rainbow shape. 

Party et Cie Bakes - A Rainbow Cookie Cake

Place meringue clouds or macarons at the two rainbow bases, or pipe cloud shapes with the mascarpone cream filling.  Place similarly-coloured candy on top following the lines of the rainbow. 

Party et Cie Bakes - A Rainbow Cookie Cake

Throw a rainbow-themed party and feast on your Rainbow Cookie Cake! 

 Party et Cie Bakes - A Rainbow Cookie Cake

 * * * * * 

Party et Cie Bakes - A Rainbow Cookie Cake

 * * * * * 

Party et Cie Bakes - Rainbow Themed Party


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