Bridal and baby showers are thrown and hosted all year round, but we can comfortably say that no matter the wedding or due date, springtime is irrefutably "Shower Season." There's a synonymity with spring blossoms, and celebrating love and new life.  No matter what you're celebrating, we have put together a Modern Romantic Shower - feminine enough to celebrate a bride to be, but also gender neutral, to celebrate the new mama to be and baby.



To set the stage for a dreamy, romantic tablescape, we began by strewing a gauzy plant dyed table runner in Blush, purchased from Silk & Willow down the center length of the table.  We created a simple and inexpensive yet stunning low-laying compote style floral centerpiece using mostly greenery and tiny pink and white spring florals.  These two elements created a fresh colour palette, beautiful sight lines, and a simple foundation upon which to layer the individual place settings.

Party et Cie - Modern Romantic Shower Tablescape

To create the place settings, we used Party et Cie's Harlow & Grey Desert Rose large plates, small plates and large napkins and Goddess blush and gold cups.  The flatware is our HQ-owned gold flatware purchased from WestElm, which was daintily tied with two inch velvet ribbon from HoneySilks & Co..  For a finishing touch, we created menu cards to be placed at each place setting.  We can't stress how much we love place setting menu cards!  These are incredibly easy to create, once the menu has been decided.  Menus can be easily designed on any word processing or graphic software, printed on cardstock and cut out.  We printed our menus on blush linen cardstock, and set these at each place setting. 

Party et Cie - Shower Event


Party et Cie - Menu Title

Party et Cie - Menu

Party et Cie - Grapefruit Paloma

Party et Cie - A Modern Romantic Shower Food Ideas

Party et Cie - A Modern Romantic Shower Food Ideas

Party et Cie - Pavlova


Party et Cie - Menu References

Guests were welcomed with Grapefruit Palomas, and for a non alcoholic offering,  Grapefruit Sparklers.  We used Goop's Grapefruit Paloma recipe, and garnished it with ice cubes infused with Petite Ingredient's Edible Dried Rose Buds, and a fresh sprig of thyme. The Grapefruit Sparklers were a simple concoction of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, and a splash of sparkling water. 

Lunch served was a selection of petite sandwiches:

Rye bread, radish, herbed butter, salt: This was served open face to showcase the pink radish hue, the recipe for which can be found here.

Baguette, ham, swiss and dijon:  This was served wrapped in parchment paper, secured with twine and garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

White sandwich bread, cucumber, cream cheese:  This classic tea sandwich combination was served in finger length slices, and remained ungarnished.

Accompanying the sandwiches were two salads: a simple and light Spring Lettuces Salad with herbed vinaigrette and a refreshing and brightly hued Citrus Salad with shallots, mint and olive oil, recipe for which can be found here.

For a stunning finish, we went with ZoeBakes ethereal and lightly decadent Pavlova meringue dessert, which was topped with cream, lemon curd and fresh raspberries and a dusting of confectioner's sugar.

Party et Cie - Modern Romantic ShowerParty et Cie - Modern Romantic Shower5


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