Every spring, Party et Cie is buzzing with activity.  It's birthday season here at HQ, and there's one little girl whose birthday we look especially forward to every year!  

It was a little over 5 years ago that I was heavily pregnant with my youngest.  It was a difficult pregnancy, and I was experiencing some complications which forced me into bed rest at the hospital for the last few weeks.  I entered the hospital at the beginning of May.  It was very grim and depressing outside, and still very unspring-like.  I was advised to not leave the hospital floor, so I was stuck with a view of concrete buildings. 

After a few weeks on the fluorescent light lit hospital floor, I went in for an emergency C section.  All proceeded well, and I left the hospital a few days later, in late May with a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  I vividly remember driving home that day, and spring had fully sprung.  Everything was green, flowers were blooming in vibrant colours, and Toronto was giving me and my baby girl a most special welcome home.  So every year my daughter's birthday reminds me of beautiful blooms, spring rain, and rainbows.  

To celebrate my daughter's 5th year, I wanted to create a party with all these symbolic motifs. 


Party et Cie - Details

In lieu of fresh blooms, which we are always a fan of, we decided to create a branch with oversized crepe paper blossoms to hang as a stunning centerpiece.  A DIY blog post for this is coming shortly!  We decided to go with a light pastel, spring-like colour scheme, and chose pretty shades of blush, country blue, ash grey, mint and butter and dijon yellow. 

Party et Cie - A Sweet Spring Birthday Party

We laid the table with a country blue tablecloth.  In keeping with our floral focused theme, we decided to use our Meri Meri Flower Garden PlatesClassic Pastel napkins and cups, and wooden cutlery.

Party et Cie - The Sweet Spring Birthday Party details


Party et Cie - Menu

We wanted to keep our menu super kid friendly, colourful, and with a mix of healthy and not-so healthy foods!  If you've been following along with our blog, you know we have a slight obsession with menu cards, so how could we not for this party?  We decided that since most 5 year olds can't read yet, we would include cute illustrations on the menu.  This menu was hand illustrated by yours truly.

Party et Cie - A Sweet Spring Birthday Party Menu


Party et Cie - Birthday Cake Title

We are huge fans of UK-based Alice and Rosa Cake Studio, and especially love their "mod" cake featuring a pattern of repeating motifs.  We created an inspired cake with mini fondant rainbows and metallic gold and magenta dragees from Sweetapolita.  What is not pictured is the sprinkle explosion inside - a special request of the birthday girl!  

Party et Cie - The Sweet Spring Birthday Party Cake


Party et Cie - Party Craft Title 

We love the idea of a party craft.  We are all crafters over here at HQ, and a beautiful craft makes for a fantastic party activity and wonderful take-home memento.  We love HelloWonderful's absolutely delightful blog, and the birthday girl picked a Unicorn Dreamcatcher as the party craft.  Depending on the age of your guests, there is some adult supervision required, but the kids had fun selecting their yarn, ribbon, and flower colours, and cutting out and gluing their unicorn pieces.  

Party et Cie - Hello Wonderful Craft

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Party et Cie - A Sweet Spring Birthday Party

* * * * *

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Maggie said:

Andrea this turned out so beautiful and you made it so special for your little girl!! Truly a fantastic job as usual 😊.
Ps. I love love love the menu card and the hand drawn pictures!


Andrea said:

Thanks Maggie for your kindest comments! X

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