How much better is it to deliver your Valentine message on a cookie?  So. Much. Better.  We're calling these "Sweetheart Cookies," as they are a riff on the Conversation Heart Candies.  These cookies are topped with fondant on which you can easily add letter embossing with a personalized message!  Using a simple sugar cookie recipe, these sweetheart cookies are level Super Easy!



Party et Cie - Sweetheart Cookies Ingredients

 * Sugar Cookies in heart shapes.  We love this Sugar Cookie Recipe from Preppy Kitchen because it maintains its shape and does not expand during cooking.

 * Fondant in pastel colors (or colors of your choice)

* Heart Cookie Cutter (the same cookie cutter as was used for the cookies

* Rolling Pin

* Cookie Letter Stamp Kit (We purchased ours from Etsy here)

* Small Pastry Brush

* Decorator Gel (We purchased white but you can use any color)



Sweetheart Cookies - Step 1a

Bake heart shaped cookies as per directions and cool cookies fully.  Roll out fondant to about 1/8" thick.


Sweetheart Cookies - Step 2

Cut out heart shapes from fondant, using the same cookie cutter shape as you used for the cookies.


Sweetheart Cookies - Step 4

Fill the stamp with whatever sayings you want!  *Make sure you place the letters in the correct way!**


Sweetheart Cookies - Step 6

Place stamp carefully, centered over the fondant and press the cookie stamp into the fondant.  


Sweetheart Cookies - Step 7

This may take a few practices - you'll want to press enough to see the letters, but not too hard that you break the fondant.


Sweetheart Cookies - Step 8

Drizzle some decorating gel onto the sugar cookie, and brush around the whole cookie surface.


Sweetheart Cookies - Step 9

Place the fondant heart directly on top of the cookie and gently smooth and press down.  The fondant should stick to the cookie.   Give out to friends and sweethearts!


Sweetheart Cookies

* * * * *

Sweetheart Cookie Party

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